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Discover true self-love and confidence while learning the tools to BREAK free from unwanted sexual behavior.
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Don't you tell yourself the same line "This is the last time" everytime?

You don't have to fight your struggle alone and you no longer have to feel this burden called shame. We have proven that quitting porn can actually be doable with our tried and true method.

- Unlock Your Full Potential And Achieve Your Goals

- Learn Practical Strategies To Overcome Your Unwanted Habits

- Build Life-transforming Patterns And Relationships

Regain Control

What Men in Our Process Are Saying

Jamie, Burlinton, VT
Porn Free Masculinity has changed my life. Before I found this process, I was stuck in my shameful, compulsive behavior. With Chris' help, and through the support of the PFM Community, I have a new lease on life. It was totally worth everything I invested and more. I would go through this process again in a second.

David, Pensacola, FL
Where has this been all my life?!? I can't tell you how long I struggled in the darkness with no light in sight. Porn Free Masculinity was a God-send ... it got me out of the s***hole I was stuck in and helped me find hope for my future. And the ones who were most grateful -- my kids. They tell me everyday I am a different Dad. Things between my wife and I are totally transformed as well. We used to fight all the time. Now we have an entirely new marriage -- the relationship I always wanted. I'm so grateful to be able to heal through telling my story!

Brian, Oklahoma City, OK
This approach has been a gift to the work I've been doing. It has helped me bridge head and heart in a way I desperately needed to take the next steps forward in healing. Thank you for being faithful in your work. And thank you for holding the space that allowed me to grow more than ever in my life.

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This process is very simple.
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The Benefits

1. Better health and confidence.

2. Regained control and empowerment.

3. Reduced guilt and shame.

4. Connected and supported by a community.

5. Improved overall well-being and fulfillment.

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Your Coach

Chris Inman

I'm the founder and CEO of Porn Free Masculinity. I'm also a trained Certified Professional Recovery Coach (CPRC), a Pastoral Sex Addiction Professional (PSAP), and an Unwanted Certified Guide. I have appeared on multiple recovery podcasts and have helped hundreds of men quit porn and find their masculine edge. In total, my clients have experienced dramatic transformations in their marriages and personal lives...even if they thought they were beyond help. I'm inviting you to walk the path I walk myself -- living daily in Porn Free Masculinity.

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